Liveblog: Red Sox @ Twins/June 13

I decided I’m going to make an attempt at liveblogging tonights game. Tonight is going to be a great pitching matchup, Curt Schilling vs. Johan Santana . Mike Timlin will be making his return from the Disabled List today, and should be making an appearance in the 8th inning.

8:12: Coco strikes out. Not a good way to start the night.

8:14: Santana gets guys behind in the count fast, the Sox are going to have try to work him deep in the count somehow.

8:15: Loretta strikes out too, I’m starting to think go first pitch swinging.

8:16: Not good. Strikes out the side

Sorry about the huge delay but I had computer trouble.

8:57:1000th career strikeout for Santana on Ortiz. Eight so far for him.

8:58: Manny swings and misses to start his at-bat,gets himself in a hole like so many of his teammates.

8:59: Manny pops up.Can’t get the offense started.

9:00 0-2 on the Captain but he grounds out.

9:00: Schilling and Tom Glavine of the Mets are both trying for their 10th wins today.

9:03: Schilling gets the first guy out.

9:06: Glavine has a no-decision. Curt could definitely use some hits.

9:08: 1-2-3 inning for Curt.

9:10: 55 pitches to this point for Santana.

9:12: 10 Strikeouts already. An amazing pitching performance.

9:16: he struck out the side again.

9:17: this is an incredible pitching duel.

9:18: Just great the Yankees are winning their game.

9:22: Hunter steals.

9:24: Strike him out- throw him out by Varitek. How about a hit him out now?

9:26: 0-2 to Alex Gonzalez. He makes it 12 strikeouts

9:29: Two of them made contact at least,could be worse.

9:33: Schilling doesn’t need much more for 3000 innings.

9:37: One down in the seventh.

9:41: Second strikeout for Manny.


9:47: Schilling’s fifth strikeout.

9: 50: This is going to be a long game

9:53: 19 strikeouts between these two pitchers.

9:58: Yankees won, the Red Sox need to start swinging.

10:00: Nixon and Gonzalez are having a relatively good game.

10:02: Both teams have been even throughout this one.

10:14: Lead runner on in Loretta. He has a four game hit streak.

10:41: And we’re in extra innings, Santana and Schilling pitched phenomenal games which they gave up to their closers.

10:42: Gonzalez 3-4 tonight.

10:21: Manny’s fighting in this one.

10:24: Not a good game for him.

10:29: Bad situation to be in.

10:30: Good play by Youkilis, clears the baserunner.

10:41: And we’re in extra innings, the rest of this liveblog will be brought in a summary tommorow. Thanks for reading this if you did. Now that I got the first out of the way the rest should be better! 




    do not think i have commented here before

    Following along here with you good way to follow the game



    Sounds great! One tip is that whenever you go to save your post, first click on the publish date right under “Publish”, and make it the current time or one minute ago. Then Save. That will keep putting your blog at the top of Recently Updated Weblogs, which we ask that ONLY livebloggers do. Have fun,



    Can we send Tavarez somewhere? Soon?? This is about the fifth game he has entered, generally within a run or two, where he has managed to ensure a loss. And this time he was two outs away from a save, after a very hard fought pitching string from three others… Time to dump his aging butt


    I’ll finish the blog:

    Approx. 11 AM: Jason Kubel grand slam. Jason who? Wow. Twins win.

    How about another one:

    Approx. 8:30 PM 6/14/06: Justin Morneau grand slam. Sox down 8-1. No chance at coming back. Sox have walked 10 Twins. Wow. Twins win again.

    Thanks for visiting Red Sox. Come again.

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