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Pedro’s Back Liveblog Mets @ Red Sox

Today Pedro Martinez makes a start against his former team the Boston Red Sox, against Josh Beckett, who you could say is in the same role with Schilling that Pedro was. This should be a fun
liveblog. Josh Beckett is looking for his tenth win on the season.

7:10: First out made for Beckett, a good start.Both Varitek and Reyes are back from their collision.

7:14: Three quick outs for Josh Beckett, only 7 pitches, NESN isn’t showing a commercial, and Pedro’s getting his third ovation.

7:15: Now they decide to show a commercial, it’s great what the fans are doing.

7:16: Kevin Youkilis gets to have the pleasure of seeing Pedro first.Images_2

7:17: Youkilis greets him on the second pitch he sees with a single

7:19: Mark Loretta also hits a single, a good start all around for the Red Sox.

7:21: That could have been two outs, a lucky break.

7:25: bases loaded, a good scoring opportunity.

7:26: Pedro’s been struggling to this point.

7:28: It’s 2-0 red sox.

7:29: Problems for the Mets in general so far.

7:33: Pedro got out of the inning only slightly scarred with four runs,could have been more.

7:34: Beckett’s now pitching with a four run lead which should help his usual early inning trouble,although he doesn’t seem to be having any.

7:36: Josh Beckett strikes out his former teammate for the first out.He’s been good.

7:37: Also gets out fellow MlBlogger David Wright .Nice play by Alex Gonzalez.

7:39: Beckett gets out of the second inning with a clean sheet.

7:41: Gonzalez gets the first out.

7:42: This is going to be Pedro’s second time through the lineup.

7:44: The Mets left fielder is refusing to field fly balls, where’s Mike Lowell and his wall ball doubles.

7:45: Loretta gets hit. Pedro hits alot of batters when he is struggling.

7:47: And Pedro gets out of the inning unscathed.

7:49: Jerry Remy and the Mets announcer swithched places.

7:51: Beckett already has 3 strikeouts.

7:53: First hit of the night for the Mets, Beckett looked like he was going to go with no hits a few more innings.

7:56: Fourth strikeout for Beckett, this Mets announcer is very nice.Manny

8:01: Manny gets a double. Pedro’s been off and on.

8:03: Nixon drives in Manny who was close to getting caught but the throw was off line.

8:05: Now Varitek gets a hit.

8:07: Nixon scores the sixth run.

8:08: The Yankees won today making the Red Sox 3 games ahead.

8:09: Coco Crisp  walks.

8:10: Alex Gonzalez is amazing right now. WOW!

8:11: This is the most runs Pedro has allowed since 2004.

8:19: Beckett gives up a home run, and his first run of the night.

8:22: Pedro Martinez out of the game already after giving up 8 runs.

8:26: One out in the 4th inning. This seems like a long game.

8:27: Ortiz strikes out.

8:28: The fourth inning ends. An unusual game to this point.

8:32:  Josh Beckett’s been phenomenal up to now.

8:45:Lowell flies out to left.

8:57: Gonzalez has been beyond what everyone expected.

9:02: The Red Sox add two more runs.

9:05: The National League has been dominated by the Red Sox.

9:12: Beckett continues to pitch an excellent game,he has six strikeouts and has only given up two runs.                     

9:17: Former Red Sox Chad Bradford on the mound.

9:22: A double play ends the inning.   

9:25: Seven strikeouts now. 

9:27: Nice effort by Gabe Kapler.                      

9:33: He walks Beltran who is his final batter. These last two starts have really shown what kind of stuff Josh Beckett has.                                 

9:39: Javier Lopez strikes out the first batter he faces.

9:43: Coco Crisp singles.

9:52: Mirabelli pinch hits and pops up

9:55: Delcarmen comes in for the ninth, and strikes out the first batter.

9:57: Two outs in the ninth.

10:00: Strikeout. The Red Sox win.



Liveblog: Red Sox @ Twins/June 13

I decided I’m going to make an attempt at liveblogging tonights game. Tonight is going to be a great pitching matchup, Curt Schilling vs. Johan Santana . Mike Timlin will be making his return from the Disabled List today, and should be making an appearance in the 8th inning.

8:12: Coco strikes out. Not a good way to start the night.

8:14: Santana gets guys behind in the count fast, the Sox are going to have try to work him deep in the count somehow.

8:15: Loretta strikes out too, I’m starting to think go first pitch swinging.

8:16: Not good. Strikes out the side

Sorry about the huge delay but I had computer trouble.

8:57:1000th career strikeout for Santana on Ortiz. Eight so far for him.

8:58: Manny swings and misses to start his at-bat,gets himself in a hole like so many of his teammates.

8:59: Manny pops up.Can’t get the offense started.

9:00 0-2 on the Captain but he grounds out.

9:00: Schilling and Tom Glavine of the Mets are both trying for their 10th wins today.

9:03: Schilling gets the first guy out.

9:06: Glavine has a no-decision. Curt could definitely use some hits.

9:08: 1-2-3 inning for Curt.

9:10: 55 pitches to this point for Santana.

9:12: 10 Strikeouts already. An amazing pitching performance.

9:16: he struck out the side again.

9:17: this is an incredible pitching duel.

9:18: Just great the Yankees are winning their game.

9:22: Hunter steals.

9:24: Strike him out- throw him out by Varitek. How about a hit him out now?

9:26: 0-2 to Alex Gonzalez. He makes it 12 strikeouts

9:29: Two of them made contact at least,could be worse.

9:33: Schilling doesn’t need much more for 3000 innings.

9:37: One down in the seventh.

9:41: Second strikeout for Manny.


9:47: Schilling’s fifth strikeout.

9: 50: This is going to be a long game

9:53: 19 strikeouts between these two pitchers.

9:58: Yankees won, the Red Sox need to start swinging.

10:00: Nixon and Gonzalez are having a relatively good game.

10:02: Both teams have been even throughout this one.

10:14: Lead runner on in Loretta. He has a four game hit streak.

10:41: And we’re in extra innings, Santana and Schilling pitched phenomenal games which they gave up to their closers.

10:42: Gonzalez 3-4 tonight.

10:21: Manny’s fighting in this one.

10:24: Not a good game for him.

10:29: Bad situation to be in.

10:30: Good play by Youkilis, clears the baserunner.

10:41: And we’re in extra innings, the rest of this liveblog will be brought in a summary tommorow. Thanks for reading this if you did. Now that I got the first out of the way the rest should be better!